Woman Hunting Influencer Can’t Believe Only Men Comment on Her Videos

The Montana resident remains conflicted about how to handle it.

BOZEMAN – Popular influencer, vlogger and huntress Isabella Kaumstane, who uses the name “Backcountry Bella” online, is reportedly shocked at the lack of women who follow her on social media. The California native has gained in popularity over the past two years – particularly with the 55 to 65-year-old white male demographic.

“On the surface, the comments look really positive. As it turns out, they may be a little too positive,” Kaumstane said in an interview. “I thought these men were showing respect for my abilities as a hunter, but the more I read them the more I think it’s just a bunch of thirsty old creeps.”

Backcountry Bella may very well be right. An examination of her social media profiles revealed a bevy of comments laced with innuendo. Among the most glaring were, “Nice hunt. I’d like to get in that tree saddle with you sometime ;)” and “Congrats on a successful harvest. You can harvest my balls whenever you want.”

Theangrybowhunter.com went undercover online and reached out to one of her followers to determine why he has such a fascination with Backcountry Bella.

“She has a nice ass and I like her tattoos,” said YouTube subscriber BigRacks4President. “My wife monitors my internet history so I’ve got to watch something. She can really fit in a tree saddle, buddy, lemme tell ya.”

When asked if he appreciated what Kaumstane meant to women hunters, he replied, “That bitch can’t hunt and women shouldn’t be hunting no how. Now leave me be, I’m gonna try to send her one of these direct message things.”

Even though most of her audience leaves cringeworthy comments at every turn, Kaumstane has no interest in denouncing the behavior. The 28-year-old says she fears that without her core demographic, she may lose sponsors, followers and valuable ad revenue.

“I hate that my fans are treating women this way, but I hate getting a real job more,” Kaumstane explained. “What the hell am I supposed to do? Stand up for myself and end up right back at Whole Foods? I’m not going to give up all of this attention. Believe women, though.”

The awkward relationship between Backcountry Bella and her fanbase is yet another example of the rigid dichotomy between women hunters and “huntresses.” While Kaumstane wishes more women would “lift” her up and support her, the fact remains most women hunters find her behavior appalling and wish she’d show the slightest semblance of a backbone.

“I took that frightening, courageous leap and moved all the way to Montana just so I could get some sponsors, be invited to free hunts, have more vlog content, not pay for gear, become famous, make money and also show that women can hunt,” Kaumstane said. “And, I couldn’t have done it without my fans. Oh, wait…”

4 thoughts on “Woman Hunting Influencer Can’t Believe Only Men Comment on Her Videos

  1. Hunting for me is a very personal thing . To me to hunt just for money and fame is something I Just don’t get. The sounds and smell of the forest can not come through a TV screen. I wonder if these people get anything out of the experience except new stuff and more clicks. I wonder would they even hunt if there was no U tube. Like I said before I dislike these people.


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