Boy Who Hasn’t Been Alive Long Enough to Have an Opinion is Excited to Become a Hunting Influencer

Anti-Boomer rhetoric and a non-ironic mullet are apparently all it takes to become a leading voice in the hunting community.

MILTON, GA – Internet personality, avid hunter and University of Georgia freshman Kade Dickley has always felt at home in the spotlight. His father, Rick, is a successful lawyer and often featured a younger Kade in his locally-run T.V. ads. In 2017, Rick leveraged his 1,500 acre hunting lease to secure a guest spot for his son on a popular hunting show.

“I’ve always been independent and interested in doing something for myself,” said Dickley, who remains on his father’s cell phone plan. “That’s why I started putting a lot of time into my Instagram account and YouTube channel, ’cause I think people would like to watch my hunts, which are pretty dope, T-B-H.”

Dickley’s hunts, which feature video titles such as “We caught a GIANT TURKEY BY THE FOOT!” and “Whitetail HEADSHOT from 30 YARDS,” have garnered more than 125,000 views over the past six months. He and his friends use tactics considered questionable by many, but the pushback hasn’t seemed to faze the 19-year-old Pi Kappa Phi pledge.

“I don’t listen to the haters, bro. It’s just jealousy, man, and I ain’t got time to deal with that,” Dickley said. “These boomers are the reason why hunting culture is dying. I just try to stay positive and delete any negative comments. And no, that doesn’t make me a pussy.”

After graduating high school, Dickley and his friend, Tristen, took the Fall off to travel west and give hunting on public land a try. Carrying little more than $25,000 worth of camera gear and $50,000 worth of hunting equipment, the pair loaded into Kade’s graduation present – a 2022 Ford Raptor – and hit the road.

“It was pretty cool, but we lost all of our footage when we tried to get a random guy to say ‘keep hammering’ and he threw all of our shit into a ravine,” Dickley explained. “He said he was working a bull, then went all agro and punched Tristen in the face. It sucks because later I shot a good bull, and he was probably like 415 inches, or something. Really wanted the subs to see that.”

Dickley became visibly irritated when asked for evidence of the bull he supposedly shot. TAB moved on to the next subject.

Dickley, for all his youth and inexperience, is more than willing to offer advice, information and inspiration to his followers. He doesn’t believe it when wildlife biologists say a species is in decline, and he doesn’t subscribe to the notion hunting isn’t what it used to be.

“It’s 2022. If you’re still complaining about about pressure you should just get better at hunting, I-M-O,” Dickley said, even though he’s never killed anything that didn’t live on land his father paid for. “All this biologist shit is fake news, bro. If you see less deer it’s because you suck.”

This year, Dickley plans to dedicate more time to growing his online presence and securing a few sponsorships. With his father’s help, he’s reached out to several companies who seem interested in using him to grow their brand.

“I’m linking up with these sorority bitches next week who want to act like they hunt, so that oughta help me get some more views, because they’re hot as shit,” Dickley explained. “I ordered some of those turkey fan hats like the guys at Breaking Point use, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll bet I can get, like, five yards away from a bird.”

When attempting to reach out to Dickley to see how his turkey hunt went, TAB discovered his friend, Tristen, had mistakenly shot him in the face. Dickley remains in critical care. Rick Dickley says he hopes his son doesn’t make it, and apologized for any pain Kade caused during the interview process.

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