Breaking: Praying Hand and Fire Emojis won’t Land you Free Gear

Hunters on Instagram shocked to discover none of the companies actually care about them.

BOZEMAN, MT. – Thousands of hunters on Instagram recently discovered placing “praying hand” and “fire” emojis in the comment section of hunting companies’ posts doesn’t lead to free gear. The news comes on the heels of the 2022 Archery Trade Association show held in Louisville, Ky., leaving many users stunned and looking for answers.

“For years I’ve religiously commented on PSE posts, especially the ones that feature John Dudley,” Instagram user Treesaddles4lyf_69 said. “No matter how many praying hands I leave in the comments, they never send me a free bow. One time, PSE fist-bumped me back and that got my hopes up, but I haven’t heard from them since. I just don’t get it.”

Even more shocking were reports that companies hire recent college graduates with limited hunting experience to run their social media accounts. TAB spoke to one such social media “manager,” who requested to be interviewed under the condition of anonymity for fear of losing their $10 per hour part-time job.

“To be honest, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about archery – I just know how to post images the photographer sends me,” the intern said. “I don’t even know who my boss is, really. But, all day long I get DMs about how great our products are, and half our comments are fire emojis. What the f**k is wrong with these people?”

The revelation didn’t end with archery companies, though. Users experienced similar issues with camouflage clothing manufacturers.

“There hasn’t been a single thing SITKA has released that I haven’t left fire emojis on – even the snuggie!” said Treesaddles4lyf_69. “I love that thing, and I left more fire emojis than anyone, but they still didn’t send me one to review on my YouTube channel with 24 subscribers. If that’s how their going to treat their pro staff, I might just have to switch to First Lite.”

SITKA’s Instagram account was not immediately available for comment.

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